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Vegan & fluff friendly we love fur babies as much as you do, We take pride in being cruelty free fluff experts!

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Add Eyelash Extensions to Your Formal To-Do List

It’s that time of the year again. Formal. Admit it, we all want to look our best on that one day and that can be rather stressful. Whether it’s finding the perfect dress or knowing how you want your makeup to look, the list can sometimes be overwhelming. But have you ever thought of Eyelash extensions as a part of your formal routine? They can be a great and simple accessory to make your formal look pop and stand out from the rest. 

But can I get lash extensions? 

That depends on multiple different factors, but I’m here to answer all your burning questions to help bring your parents on board. 

 Eyelash Extensions prom


Here is where it gets tricky... you might be still under 18 and wondering what the minimum age for eyelash extension is?

Eyelash extension minimum age

The good news is that there are no laws related to eyelash extensions in Australia nor is there a minimum age for applying them. However, there are only a few insurance companies which cover eyelash extensions that are applied to anyone under the age of 16. However,  if you’re between 16-18 years old you just need consent from a parent or a guardian. 


Myths and Facts  

  1. Myth – Eyelash extensions could damage your eyelash. Fact – Eyelash extensions have no effect on your natural lashes. It all depends on the experience of the lash stylist.
  1. Myth – The procedure to get eyelash extensions is painful and uncomfortable. Fact – The procedure is about 1.5 to 2 hours long on average. Most people usually take a nap or listen to music or a podcast. It’s all about multitasking.
  1. Myth – You’re not able to wash around your eyelashes. Fact - I’d encourage you to wash your face and keep extensions clean but make sure you do not use any oil-based cleansers or makeup removers. 
  1. Myth – Just like fake lashes you can peel your eyelash extensions off. Fact – You might damage your hair follicles if you just try to peel your eyelash extensions off. I’d suggest visiting your lash stylist to remove them safely.
  1. Myth – All eyelash extensions look the same. Fact – There is a range of lash extension options to choose from a half set, winged lashes, extra curled, volume, mega volume, and the list goes on!


A roadmap to volume lashes

I am well aware that convincing your parents isn’t easy, so I've created a perfect roadmap that will help you get an inch closer to getting your dream eyelashes. A guide to Australian beauty and cosmetic services.

A roadmap for prom queens



 Eyelash extensions are amazing tools to make your eyes pop, but some schools might have very strict rules regarding makeup and appearance. So, be sure to check with your school before committing. 

Aftercare for eyelash extensions is also really important to make sure your natural lashes don’t get ruined. It is ideal not to get your lashes wet for at least 4 hours after immediately applying the lashes. Try and avoid contact with your pillowcases as this can cause your lashes to break or fall off. It’s recommended to sleep on your back, but I totally understand how difficult that can be so don’t stress too much.

 Finally, if you’re a minor and still want to get an eyelash extension. You need to complete the consent form with the help of your parents, have them at the consultation, share your medical problems and allergies, and finally, be ready to commit to the aftercare. 

Most importantly, find a lash stylist who has experience with minors.  

At the end of the day It’s up to the eyelash extension stylist to make a decision as to where to draw the line, because currently, the beauty industry is under tremendous scrutiny relating to servicing minors. Also, please keep in mind that beauty treatments should not be performed without parental consent, supervision and the records of the treatments must always be kept for justification. 

But, if you have your schools and your parents/guardians consent then go for it! I can’t wait to see your new lashes <3 


Warmest regards, 



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