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Vegan & fluff friendly we love fur babies as much as you do, We take pride in being cruelty free fluff experts!

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Eyelash Extension Removal: What is the Best Way?

Eyelash Extension

When your eyelashes extensions hit that 1.5 week mark and you’re rocking that half bare eyelash look, it’s just not a vibe… I get it. It gets even worse if you’re either not feeling them anymore or can’t afford to get infills! 

So, how are you meant to remove them?     

There are loads of different solutions circling the internet but quite a few of them can cause further harm to your lashes. Especially, since after the removal process your lashes will look rather bare for a while, and of course we want to make sure that we have the fullest lashes possible!

Today I will run you through the most efficient and safe ways to remove your extensions so you can still feel just as confident!


Fact! If you wait for your lashes to fall off naturally then you could be harming your eyelids.. shocking I know.

As we all know, those dangling eyelash extensions on the end of our natural lashes can be rather annoying causing you to feel the urge to pull them out. However, this will actually completely damage and weaken your natural lashes (and we really don’t want that!)

To make sure our lashes are as healthy and full as possible the best solution is to go back to your lash technician. The process takes less than half an hour and the costs are super minimal (so not breaking the bank!). Your eyelash technician also has access to all the specific tools which are specially designed to remove lash extensions.

Now, you may be thinking, what if I just wait for them to fall off naturally? Well, this can actually cause your natural lashes to break in half due to the weight of your extensions. This is why the safest option for both yourself and your eyelashes is to go to an eyelash technician.


If you really can’t find the time to go to the salon and can’t afford anything other than your bills right now (I have definitely been there before), then there are some ways for you to remove your eyelash extensions from the safety of your home. 

To remove your lashes at home simply follow this process:

  • The first step is the most important step, DON’T PICK OR PULL your lash extensions. Picking them will only cause damage to your natural lashes. 
  • Take a hot shower.This will help loosen your lash extensions but remember not to pick, pluck, rub or pull your lash extensions. Taking a shower will help you expedite the fall-out process.
  • Using an oil-based cleanser will help you remove any leftover lash extensions. While cleansing your face, use your leftovers to gently rub onto your lashes. This will help dissolve the lash glue. This process isn’t a one-night miracle, I’d suggest you’d try the process for at least a few nights to loosen your lash extensions. Be careful not to get any in your eyes!!
  • Using a professional-grade lash glue dissolver will help you remove your eyelash extensions with as little damage as possible. Lash extensions bond similarly to superglue and therefore you need something to dissolve it to avoid extra damage to your natural lash.
    Soak a cotton pad in the remover and apply it to your lashes to ensure that your extensions loosen.  Always make sure that when you’re using a professional-grade dissolver to keep the remover away from your eyes!
  • Using mascara can help blend stubborn extensions that have been stuck there forever while also loosen the adhesive. Most mascaras are loaded with waxes and oils so it should help to get the extensions off after a week. In the night use an oil-based makeup remover to gently remove your mascara, this will help you speed up the process.

 All in all, we would never recommend removing lash extensions by yourself. The optimal way to remove your eyelash extensions is by visiting a professional eyelash technician.

However, if you must remove your eyelash extensions at home, we got you, however remember the most important step is to NOT PICK or PULL your eyelash extensions. Taking hot showers, using oil-based cleansers, and using mascara will definitely help you loosen your lashes.  

Now, as I mentioned in the beginning your lashes will look rather bare post-removal. That is totally normal as you are used to seeing yourself with a permanent fuller and longer lash look. The best way to promote growth is to get a lash growing serum (do your research!) and to let your eyelashes breath for a few weeks. Over time you will forget what you used to look like and you will embrace your natural lashes but in the meantime you can always wear false eyelashes <3 

Love & Lashes, 


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