Cashmere Mink – 0.03mm Single Length Lash Tray

Softer than a unicorn’s tail and capable of making fans that are just as magical, our 0.03mm Cashmere lashes are lighter than a feather and blacker than a wicked stepmother’s soul. If you want to create the ultimate in Mega Volume lashes with a matte black finish, delicately soft, Cashmere is the perfect choice.

These ultra-fine lashes require the gentlest of touches to transform into wonderfully full 15D fans, and are suitable for advanced Lash Artist only – we don’t recommend these as a ‘Learner’s Lash’.

Our Cashmere lashes virtually fall into beautiful bouquets and make creating that LA Look almost effortless.

Now available in LC curl - LC curl edition from the main lash menu. 

Please note that cashmere is very thin and soft lash imitating natural lash. Because of their delicate nature may relax 30% of the curl during 4 week wearing period for active clients. 
For active clients or clients who work in heat challenged environments we suggest to apply more curly profile like C+, D or LC

*The word “Mink” and “Sable” are used to describe the softness/texture of the lash. All of LBLA Beauty products are animal cruelty free.

Don’t let all your hard work go to waste – our Long-Wear Pre-Treatment and Primer is ideal for ensuring maximum retention for your clients. Remember … proper preparation is the key to perfection!


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