Royal Sable Lash – 0.03mm Single Length Lash Tray

Give your clients lashes fit for a Mermaid Queen with the latest addition to our lash family – the Royal Sable. 

Royal Sable is a unique blend of fibre technology, resulting in a lash that is as soft as Cashmere and as flexible as Silk – giving you the ideal lash for creating flutter-worthy Mega Volume fans. 

The almost lighter-than-air 0.03mm size means you can create the fullest 15D fans that will sit gently in place without weighing your clients’ natural lashes down, and the newly designed grooved glue strip makes building those bouquets a breeze.

 Each tray contains 16 lash strips – 25% more than an industry standard tray.

 Don’t forget your Anti Allergy Gel to prevent those nasty fumes from creeping in to give your clients red eyes and spoiling your ‘after’ photos!


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