Deep Brown Colour / Soft Silk Mink – 0.03mm Mixed Length Lash Tray (8-14mm)

Lusciously soft, and rich, chocolatey brown, our Deep Brown Soft Silk Mink lashes are handmade from the finest of synthetic fibres – because real Lash Mermaids would never dream of hurting our forest friends by using natural mink.


Their super-fine 0.03mm finish make these deliciously soft lashes ideal for up to 15D Mega Volume styling, and our new embossed laser finish improves lash attachment and fan formation, making these your ‘go to’ option for fairer clients who need a lighter lash to complement their skin tone.


Each tray contains 16 lash strips – 25% more than an industry standard tray.


As a lash artist your eyes and hands are your most valuable assets – give your eyes some extra sparkle and make it even easier to work with these ultra-fine lashes with our teal-icious Big & Clear Magnifying Glasses.

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