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Retention issues - review your Lash prep. Proper preparation, cleansing and priming is everything. 

Become a lash CEO, invest in yourself and train with the best.


Tired of explaining to clients (again!) the importance of drying their lashes properly? AKA: not using tissues, their bath towel or cotton pads? 


Our specially designed lash towels, housed in an adorable breathable kitten bag, eliminate the lint problem and give your clients no excuses for not giving their lashes the treatment they deserve every day. Gentle and soft, the non-woven fabric of our lash towels won’t catch or pull on lashes, and its ultra-high absorbency dries lashes instantly. 


Simply add them to your aftercare pack along with Bubble Lash Shampoo and Unicorn Duo Brushes for an ideal add-on protection kit for your clients’ luscious lashes.


Comes as a set of two cloths in our cute teal kitten bag to keep your towels in purrrrrfect condition and lint free.


Towel color - Black 


Our recommended retail is $49.00 for a 2-pack.

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