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Mega Volume Practice Kit - MEGA VOLUME STARTER KIT

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Dive into a world of LBLA products and practice for any and all lashing levels! 3 different kits are available to choose from based on your lashing expertise. This kit helps you practice, practice, practice and is the perfect purchase to start your 30 Days to Becoming a Better Lash Artist challenge! Participate any time on social media by tagging @lashboxla and #lblalevelup. Advanced kits come with Invisible Genius clear adhesive for the cleanest looking sponge art during practice. Use these kits to perfect your placement and fan making skills - It's always the right time to Level Up your lash game!

Mega Volume Practice Kit includes:

    • 10 sponge 
    • 1 face
    • 2 trays of lashes - (1) Cashmere Favorite 0.03 C mix, (1)
  • Cashmere Favorite 0.03 C 12mm
  • 1 JL Gold tweezer
  • 1 Invisible Genius Adhesive 
  • Glue trays set of 5

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* All LBLA Beauty Lashes are synthetic fibers

* Mixed trays are lengths 8-14 (2 lines of 8/9/10/13/14 & 3 lines of 11/12)

* Product photo is an example of what is included in the kit

* Kits may change and vary