Vegan & fluff friendly we love fur babies as much as you do, We take pride in being cruelty free fluff experts!

Vegan & fluff friendly we love fur babies as much as you do, We take pride in being cruelty free fluff experts!

Become a lash CEO, invest in yourself and train with the best.


Payment selection

Class moved from 24th May to 6th Decemeber 2 student placements left available with pay in full as the class date is so close. 

Before purchasing one of our training classes - Please read our course outline & submit your application for enrolment, followed by a booking fee. Both Application & booking fee is required to secure your student placement, class availability is strictly limited 💖 (as long as you meet the minimum class requirements, there is no need to wait for a reply from your application before completing your enrolment, as this class has limited availability) 

Course outline 

Application for enrolment 

Payment options: 

Full fee $1540 inclusive of GST 

Booking fee $550 inclusive of GST

Final payment less booking fee $990 inclusive of GST (due 14 days before the class) 

Are you ready to bring your fluffy lash dreams to life? 

Offering density without damage, LA Mega Volume is your next step.

Our Signature Mega Volume Training is an advanced training course, introducing lash artists to 8-15d lash fanning/ LA Mega Volume. During this training we teach you our signature pickup technique designed for extremely fluffy lashes, its the fastest of all Volume techniques. Shortening your work time to deliver a new next level volume density without damage. In class we will work on 0.03mm Silk or Cashmere lashes, briefly recap lash extension basics & learn tips and tricks based on the years of experience from our master trainers.

It is very important for students to understand, practice after training is required. We will share about what, how & why you should be practicing to master Mega Volume. Performance of each student is relative to their dedicated practice. 

We can't wait to meet you & bring your fluffy lash dreams to life! 

What We Will Teach You:

    • Basics of volume lashes
    • Variety of volume techniques
    • Flower Bouquet Technique
    • Natural lash safety
    • Classic and Volume weight calculation
    • Proper eye preparation for lash extension application
    • Proper isolation
    • Perfect bonding rules
    • Correct fan placement
    • The lash wrap
    • Eye shape correction
    • Eye styling
    • Building fans with 0.03mm/ Practice the Flower Bouquet technique
    • How to work faster and more efficient
    • Tips and tricks
    • Practice on the model
    • Work evaluation and constructive criticism for future practice.
    • Price evaluation and business growth advice, one on one

Included With The Class:

  • A take home theory book
  • Mega Volume Starter Kit (3 trays of 0.03 lashes, 1 tweezer, 1 fast bonding adhesive, foam tape sample, glue trays & mascara wands)

By purchasing this class you confirm all the below terms:

LBLA Beauty Final Training Terms

  • I understand and agree that payment in full is due (14) days prior to the class date. (eg, pay booking fee $550 upon application - 14 days prior to scheduled class final $990 is due)
  • I understand and agree that if my initial training class payment is made at least 14 days prior to the scheduled class date, I must cancel my registration within 7 days of my payment in order to receive a full refund.
  • I understand and agree that my booking fee as well as class fees are non-refundable after the period listed above.
  • I understand and agree that if I am unable to attend the class (including due to travel or health issues) and I am not eligible for a refund, I may reschedule to another date and/or location if notice is given at least 48 hours prior to the class start time.
  • I understand and agree that a minimum of 1 year of active lashing work experience is required in order to take this class and become certified with Mega Volume. LBLA Beauty has the right to refuse certification at the end of the course if I do not meet the qualifications.
  • I understand and agree that I am fully certified with classic lash extensions, which is a requirement to take LBLA Beauty’s Advance Mega Volume class (Cert 3,4 or Diploma in Beauty Therapy is not considered as a full certification).
  • I understand and agree that I will be eligible to retake a class 6 months after my training date if additional training time is needed. An operation fee of $280 in our Sydney location will be required in order to attend this class. (Fees may vary from location, eg; interstate class locations fee is $480).
  • I understand and agree that the class and contents of the Starter Kit are strictly NON-REFUNDABLE after attending the class and receiving goods.
  • I understand and agree that I am required to bring my own model.
  • In the event of natural disaster or act of terrorism that impacts me (the student) or my educator from attending the class, class will be canceled, no refunds will be made, Your student enrolment will be transferred to an alternate mega volume class date for your requested location with LBLA approved educator. 
  • In the case of unforeseen illness that impacts my educators ability to present the class, an alternate LBLA approved educator can be allocated to present the class. If this is not possible your student enrolment will be re-allocated to an alternate date. 
  • I understand and agree that LBLA Beauty will not be responsible or held liable for the well- being of my model during and after lash application.
  • I understand and agree that I am required to source my own model for class. If I require LBLA Australia to source a model for my student placement practical exam there is a fee involved of $100. 
  • I understand and agree that LBLA Beauty has Intellectual Property Rights of the LBLA Training Manual and Training Program. Copying and publishing is not allowed without written consent of LBLA Beauty.
  • I understand and agree that LBLA Beauty’s Training Manual is for personal use only. Legal actions will be taken against those who copy and/or publish the LBLA Beauty Training Manual. 
  • I understand and agree to refrain from copying, disclosing, selling, or offering for sale any and all of the information provided during the training class. I understand the reproduction of another party’s works could constitute infringement and copying is strictly prohibited.
  • Products will NOT be available for purchase the day of training.

*This class is from 10am-6pm

*Please note Booking fee is non-refundable

Final payment is due 14 days before your class, if complete payment has not been made your student placement will be cancelled.

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