Vegan & fluff friendly we love fur babies as much as you do, We take pride in being cruelty free fluff experts!

Retention issues - review your Lash prep. Proper preparation, cleansing and priming is everything. 

Become a lash CEO, invest in yourself and train with the best.

Making Lash dreams come true is our specialty, sharing our signature pickup method with other lash professionals is what we truly love doing. Mega volume can be difficult but it dose not have to be, after all we love lashing it should be fun & rewarding. The Mermaid Elixir of lash professionals, sure to satisfy your creativity all the way from Los Angeles, Loving our latest innovations is an understatement #gamechanger is what we hear most, as always made by lash artist for lash artist.

* Using Mermaid-endorsed tear-free formula's. 

* Unicorn approval. 

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