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1 & 2 day private training with our master trainer, Please email to request your proffered class date & location. 

Private class booking can be made for Sydney, Hobart or Adelaide studio locations, dates are subject to master trainers availability. Our private class structure is the same as our group class completed one on one with your trainer, a $250 student sample kit is included. With our 2 day private booking we require 2-3 models with different eye shapes for advanced styling coaching. If you would like to make a private class booing for more than one student, say for all staff of a lash studio please email

Private class fee -1 Day - $2310 inclusive of GST - 2 Day $4290 inclusive of GST

We would love you to come & train with us! Join our family & learn our mega volume technique. Our signature bouquet 💐 technique, designed for mega volume makes fluffy volume lash dreams come true.💕💎

In Australia the only lash extensions course / class we currently offer is LBLA’s - Ultra fine diameter Advanced Mega Volume Certificate Class - 1-day class, its a hands-on technique-based education format complete with Lash Box LA Certificate & student kit valued at $250. Class duration is from 10am -6pm. Once you have read our full course outline below, are ready to enrol - please fill out your enrolment application via the link below. Please note your proffered location, date & list private class request on your application form.


This education module is for advanced lashettes, who already practice proper isolation, proficient with lash attachment & who want to further their education experience with our mega volume technique 💐 💕

Our technique is achieved with 0.03 lashes also known as 8-15 dimensional fans for density without damage, it’s extremely fast creating fluffy lashes & line styling only lash dreams can be made of. Using this technique in studio delivers dense volume & can be achieved in a shorter time. Because this is an advanced class lash extension basics will be recapped briefly, the following topics & more are product knowledge, application, wrapping & understanding of adhesive ingredients. We share with you the most up to date international standards for safe working practices. You will also learn tips and tricks put together by our trainers, based on years of experience within the industry & with the LBLA range.

Attending class with an open mind & willingness to try something new is essential, our pickup technique is unique & can be difficult at first but it doesn’t have to be. Growth as an artist within the lash industry comes from an uncomfortable place, stepping outside your comfort zone is the only way to learn & grow. Students who open their mind to new knowledge & are eager to apply themselves, excel in learning the micro-movements we teach, allowing their artistry grow.

 Our Training Program:

  1. Basics of Volume Lashing
  2. About of different Volume techniques
  3. Natural lash safety
  4. Volume weight calculation
  5. Proper eye preparation for Volume application
  6. Proper isolation using 2 tweezers
  7. Volume lash layering
  8. Perfect bonding rules & proper preparation
  9. Mega volume fan application
  10. Mega volume lash wrap
  11. Eye shape correction
  12. Eye styling through the lash layers
  13. Building fans with 0.03mm / Practice
  14. Work time improvement
  15. After care
  16. Tips and tricks
  17. Practice on the model
  18. Work evaluation

It is very important that students understand that practice after training is required. Finding the time to dedicate yourself to your artistry can be hard, students who spend 10-15min a day practicing develop mega volume application speed & proficiency much faster than those who don’t apply themselves post class, performance of each student is relative to their dedication & practice. During this training, we will highlight what and how you should be practicing so you can deliver the fluffy lash dreams you desire in no time at all.

Skills required for this training

  1. Excellent lash isolation 
  2. Excellent single lash application to natural lash
  3. Proficient with lash attachment & angle.
  4. Basics of classic lash extensions, competent with why & how.
  5. Good vision – or glasses/magnifiers because you can always see better.

During the Training we provide - all lash tools & accessories you will need to complete the class, (your training kit is just that for practice after class) - a light lunch and snacks as well as coffee & water. If you have any food allergies or diet restrictions, please bring your meal with you if you have not notified our training coordinator 2 weeks prior to your course date.

You are required to have a model for this class. If you are traveling from interstate we will assist you with providing a model. You will need to submit model request a minimum of two weeks before class. All models should arrive at 2:15pm with clean eyes & no lash extensions or flare lashes. A healthy lash line suitable for lash application, Models can wear face make up if they choose.

All students must be certified with classic lashes and have at least 1 year of working experience, if you have less than 1 year of lash experience we are happy to review your application on a case by case basis, please email with 3-5 images of your lash application, please also list the time it takes you to complete a full 90-100% coverage classic set.

Class dates can be found here 

If you're ready to enrol below is a link to our online enrolment form. Once your application form has been submitted a booking fee of $800+GST is required to secure your private class enrolment, please understand that we cannot hold student placements for private booking dates without your application & booking fee. Limited availability for private classes as our educators are also FT lash artist.

By Purchasing this lash course / class, you confirm that you have completed professional course of classic eyelash extension 1:1 and that you have relevant council permits & certification required to legally perform lash extension services in your state. Please note we are not obliged to certify any student on the day of the class, if your isolation needs some perfecting or if you are unable to perform the micro-movements required to perfect the bouquet technique. If this is the case we may ask you to attend another class date & sit the practical session before certification can be achieved.

Are you ready to bring your fluffy lash dreams to life? We can’t wait to meet you.

*Please note Booking fee is non-refundable

If final payment is due 2 weeks before your class, if complete payment has not been made your student placement may be cancelled