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Size: 5ml

Seamless bond volume. Extended retention time. Perfectly colour-free for people who are allergic to carbon black. Ideal for artists working in dry environments. Invisible Genius is the most amazing adhesive you’ll never see.

With a medium viscosity, Invisible Genius is fabulous for use with super-fine lashes and is perfect for creating fabulous fans with our signature bouquet pickup technique and delivers a clean, flawless set every time. If you’re looking for the ultimate adhesive for working with brown or multicoloured lashes, this is it.

Invisible Genius works best at a humidity range of 30-50%, and a controlled temperature of 17-22 degrees Celsius. It is a popular adhesive for artists working in dry environments. 

  • Drying time – 1-1.5 seconds
  • Retention – 7-8 weeks
  • Medium viscosity
  • Colour – clear
  • Low fume
  • Use within 30 days of opening
  • Unopened glue can be stored for a maximum of 3 months


    For professional use only. This adhesive is for use by qualified lash artists only. At random you may be requested to provide evidence of certification before supply. NOT recommended for beginner or inexperienced lash technicians.

    Instructions for proper use:

    • Shake vigorously for 1 minute before each use.
    • DO NOT APPLY GLUE ON SKIN! Adhesive should be applied to lashes only and should not touch skin at any time.
    • Client’s eyes should remain completely closed through entire application.
    • Use lash-specific lint-free under-eye gel patches or medical foam tape to minimise fumes. Not to be used with paper tape or any natural fibre tape (such as micropore tape).
    • Fumes from lash extension adhesives may cause an allergic reaction in certain people.
    • A Client Information Consent Form should be completed before first lash extension application for every client.
    • A patch test is required before using this product.
    • Patch tests should be performed for all new clients and every time a different adhesive is used for application (different adhesives have different percentages of ingredients).
    • Please note: it is possible for a client to develop sensitivity to adhesive with time.
    • Read instructions on the back of the label and product MSDS before use.
    • We advise working in a well-ventilated space and using Anti Allergy Gel to absorb fumes from cyanoacrylate release during curing.

    Storage Instructions: Use within 30 days of opening. Store glue upright in a cool, dry place. Unopened glue can be stored for 3 months, shelf life for opened glue is 4-6 weeks. Can be stored in refrigerator IF unopened, after opening, this should be stored in a controlled environment with the requirements stated above.

    SHIPPING NOTE : During the summer months Shipping via Express Post is recommenced. This will ensure the fastest possible delivery time for your adhesive, limiting it from environmental heat exposure. 

    MSDS SDS Sheet