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Our GLUE AID is designed to help cure every glue, during unfavourable conditions like low humidity and with temperature issues.

Have you ever experienced change of glue properties during application? If conditions in the room changes your glue properties will change as well. Glue aid will help your glue dry faster when humidity is too low or too high.  When you glue dries slower than usual, glue aid will speed it up.

When you are using slower drying glue, our glue aid will help your glue cure faster. If you like your glue but you need extra speed, glue aid will be a great product for you.

Simply apply a small amount of glue aid on the false lashes base and wait 1 minute. Apply lashes as usual.  

15ml bottle

color - transparent  

No more bad day glue !!!


For professional use only. HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED. Do not apply on the skin or natural lashes. Do not inhale. 

Do not swallow! Keep away from eyes and skin. Keep away from reach of children and pets. 

This product is flammable.

Caution is recommended when using glue aid with SUPERHERO adhesive, as it can speed up cure time to a point that cure time becomes so fast, some lashes may not bond well with the natural lash. When using with superhero always check bonds and attachments are secure by brushing the lashes to ensure no fallout before completing your infill or full set.