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Consisting entirely of moonbeams and stardust (plus a few other secret ingredients), our Anti Allergy Gel gives you and your clients an added layer of protection against allergens and fumes during the adhesive curing process. An open tub of this magical goo in your workstation will refresh the air and lock fumes away like a dragon in a dungeon while you give your client a lash game that’s nothing short of spellbinding. 

Please note - the Anti Allergy Gel does not guarantee that a client will not experience sensitivity or an allergic reaction to adhesives, nor does it prevent reactions in clients who have previously experienced allergies. To maintain effectiveness, your gel should be replaced every when it has shrunk down to a solid disc.

Size 80ml

Usage information:

  • Open lid and sit near your glue plate
  • Leave it open during application
  • Use one jar for each lash station
  • Gel will shrink over time with use