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Our travel size shampoo has had an UPGRADE, along with a new more functional deluxe bottle the size has increased to 80ml.

The ultimate lash cleanser and makeup remover now comes in a convenient travel size! Bubble Lash Shampoo is specifically developed with balancing pH to keep eyelids healthy and clean.  This gentle, effective, and non-irritating formula is perfect for everyday and on-the-go use to remove proteins, oils, impurities, and dust and debris from lashes. 

This smaller size is the ideal gift for first time clients to encourage daily at home use.  We suggest carrying the larger size for retail so clients can stock up when their travel size runs out.  This 80ml Bubble Lash Shampoo makes it easier to keep your lashes cleaner anywhere you go! Toss in your gym bag to ensure post-workout cleanliness, keep it in your purse (with a Duo cleansing brush!) to wash any time you need, and never worry about oily lashes or build up again. Just use half a pump of foam per eye with a cleansing bubble brush, Rinse with cool water, blot dry, and brush lashes into place.  Brush again once dry for the cleanest, fluffiest lashes around! 

Clean lashes mean longer-lasting lashes. And longer lasting lashes mean happier clients.

Size: 80ml

Recommended retail price $36 each

Your clients are investing in premium lash application by a highly trained & talented lash artist (Yourself), Its in their best interest to invest in a quality lash cleanser that is specifically designed to assist with not only cleansing but retention. Better care for their lashes means longer between fills, happier clients... in return more clients for you to see.

 Foaming Lash Shampoo Cleanser 


Ingredients : Aqua (Water), Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine (CAPB), Lactic Acid, Pathenol, Cocamide DEA, PEG 120, Methyl Glucose Dioleate, Sodium Benzotate, Parfum, Hexyl Cinnamal, Geranioll, CL 42090 (FD&C Blue No.1)