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curl: C
lenght: 8

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Our 0.06mm Lashes are perfectly sized and selected to create even more perfect fans. Those lashes will allows you to build fans with technique similar to 0.07mm but you will be able to apply more lashes and delivered more black and dense finish.
This is perfect lash for Volume beginners doesn't requires as much skills as 0.03 and 0.05 and it’s much easy to spread then 0.07 mm due to its non-sticky fiber.  
Our tray comes with 16 lash strips, 25% more than a standard tray. Please note that this is very thin and soft lash imitating natural lash. Lashes may relax 30% of the curl during 4 week wearing period for active clients. For active clients we suggest to apply more curly profile like C+ or D

*The word “Mink” and “Sable” are used to describe the softness/texture of the lash. All of LBLA Beauty products are animal cruelty free.

  • 100% Cruelty free hand made in Korea using PBT material

Our new and improved cashmere favourite collection has arrived in 0.06 and is being rolled out as existing stock is sold. The lash sticker strip will be more functionally easier to get a fan just like our best selling cashmere favourite lashes.