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The perfect tool to check your eyelash extension work from all angles - helpful to view and correct transitions between lengths and the lash top line. An extra wide angle for those longer lash lines and lengths.

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who makes the prettiest lashes of all?

Sparkly like a unicorn our rainbow coated detail mirror, the perfect addition to your lash kit will satisfy your inner perfectionist!  

You will - with the help of this magic magnifying mirror. The long handle and ease of maneuverability means you’ll be able to get the perfect view of your client’s lashes from every angle without having to re-position tape or have them open their eyes. 

A priceless addition to your lash kit, this pretty little tool adds a new dimension to your lash game and makes you so on point with the correct placement of your lashes within your lash map that you’ll feel like you sh*t glitter.