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Softer than a unicorn’s tail and capable of making fans that are just as magical, our Cashmere lashes are lighter than a feather and blacker than a wicked stepmother’s soul. If you want to create the ultimate in Russian Volume lashes with a matte black finish, delicately soft we have a solution for you. 

Head on over to our LASH FINDER to choose the perfect finish & strip for your proffered lash pickup technique. 

Our 0.05-0.06 diameter lashes are perfect for crafting 2-7D Russian volume fans.

We take pride in being cruelty-free fluff experts! Our Cashmere lashes are created to imitate the real stuff (and they do a phenomenal job of that) there are absolutely no animal products used in our lashes. Vegan & fluff-friendly we love natures fur babies as much as you do.