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Level-Up 30-Day Lash Challenge

30 day to become a better lash artist #lblalevelupAU

Level-Up 30-Day Lash Challenge

Level Up your volume lash game with weekly tasks & prizes while we wait for the green light to take clients again!

There will be four different tasks for each week from April through May. Each week will have a different task that will train your mind-to-muscle connection when perfecting placement, micro-movements, and basic styling. We recommend everyone to repeat the same movements every day, week by week. Not only will this challenge correct any bad habits, but the repetitive movements will form proper muscle memory!

Whether it takes you 5 minutes or 2 hours daily to complete a task, you are still training that mind-to-muscle connection. If you find yourself finishing it quickly, do it again 5 more times! Repetition is KEY, no matter what level you stand.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Take your time and practice getting the clearest, sharpest photos you can of these lashes. This will help you gain perspective and ideas when you are taking photos of your lash clients in real life. Save your best picture for each due date.

You will need the following:

  • Your favourite volume and isolation tweezers
  • Your proffered lashes (any lash from from volume 0.07- 0.03 to mega if you dare)
  • 4 x makeup sponges
  • Basic 1-layer false lash strips
  • Fast-drying glue
  • An open mind!

How to Enter

To enter the LBLA Level Up Instagram Challenge, entrant must post each task to Instagram by the deadline listed below and tag @lashboxla_australia with the hashtag #lblalevelupAU. Each participant will receive an exclusive discount to use at!

Entry Period

The Challenge will begin Monday April 20th, 2020 and ends on Sunday May 17th, 2020.

Weekly entries must be posted by 10PM AEST:

  • Challenge 1 - Sunday, April 26th
  • Challenge 2 - Sunday, May 3rd
  • Challenge 3 - Sunday, May 10th
  • Challenge 4 - Sunday, May 17th

New challenges will be posted each Monday.

Your Instagram page must be public for us to see your entry. Please post the sharpest photos for each task!


All levels of volume lashing are welcome to enter the Challenge. We want you to participate every week and encourage everyone to finish the entire 4 weeks. All entries must be their own work and not previously published.



WEEK 4 - It's the final stretch, you got this! 

Perfect line + mapping challenge! Keep honing those fine motor skills and your understanding of lash layers with this next one. You will need to follow standard "Perfect Line" techniques for this, where the lengths are determined based on the layer of the lash line you are placing the fan on. This is what we need to see from you: 

Week 4 - 30 day challenge


What you will need: A flat circular sponge (if possible), Volume lashes or mega volume lashes, your favourite volume tweezer, adhesive, patience.


  •  Draw a basic lash map on paper or foam tape, using the side of the sponge as a guide for your "lid." Determine what your longest lengths along the lash line are going to be- this will be your bottom layer. Keep in mind, that for each section of the map, you will need lash lengths both 1 and 2mm shorter to complete this challenge.
  • Apply lashes at the very base of the fan, onto the SIDE of a makeup sponge in one layer. (See photo for example)
  • Add the middle layer of your lash map - each of the sections in this layer should be 1mm shorter than then the lashes in each section of your bottom layer.
  • Apply middle layer lashes in one line, 1mm above where the bottom layer lashes were placed.
  • Add the top layer of your lash map - each of the sections in this layer should be 1mm shorter than the lashes in the middle layer, and 2mm shorter than the bottom layer.
  • Apply the top layer, 1mm above the middle layer.
  • Marvel at how easy (and hard!) it was to apply a perfect top line! We know that sponges don't take the place of natural differences in a lash line, but this challenge will help you understand the concept and placement skills it takes to create a top line like this.  


Good luck, and be sure to tag @lashboxla_australia with the hashtag #lblalevelupau. 


WEEK 3 - Hollywood Hybrid Style - CHALLENGE COMPLETE!

Create and complete a “strip lash look” style with perfect length transitions on your makeup sponge.

What you will need: A flat circular sponge (if possible), Volume lashes or mega volume lashes, your favourite volume tweezer, adhesive, patience.

  • Grab your sponge and set it on paper of foam tape. Draw out your map in front of your sponge as if mapping an eye. Be sure to use at least 5 different lengths to create a full map with a well-transitioned top-line. (We like using a natural or dolly map with 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 11mm, 10mm)
  • Place at least 5 fans in each section, ensuring your lengths transition smoothly. (TIP: angle the “inner corner” and “outer corner” lashes as you would on a set, this makes for nicer length transitions.)
  • After finishing your base-line map, apply equally spaced 'spikes' using un-fanned volume lashes throughout the map, with an increased length of 3mm per section. (For reference: 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 14mm, 13mm) See before and after photos for examples.
  • Complete this challenge DAILY if possible and watch your placement and length transition skills SOAR! Post your very best example by the end of the week to get credit for your submission and #LBLALEVELUPAU!

Good luck, and be sure to tag @lashboxla_australia with the hashtag #lblalevelupAU

WEEK 2 - Perfect Placement CHALLENGE COMPLETE!

What you will need: a flat circular sponge or curved sponge (if possible), Classic (or .07 volume) lashes, Volume lashes, your favorite volume tweezer, adhesive, patience.


  • Cut a new circle sponge in half (or use any flat sponge you have). Attach 15 classic or 0.07 volume lashes along the edge of your sponge as seen in the example photo. Try to space them evenly, and with a minimal amount of adhesive. These will be our “natural lash” base! Or, if you have practice strip lashes, place them along the edge of a sponge to begin.
  • Create and apply volume fans to the lashes, aiming for perfect distance, 0.05 to 1mm away from the “lid” (this is the edge of your sponge), making sure the base is properly attached. See photos for the perfect example.
  • You will need to hold the lash fan in place a little longer than usual because you are applying them to another non-porous extension. (Adhesives are meant to bond instantly to something more porous, just like our natural lashes.)
  • BONUS POINTS practice wrapping in this task! Since the adhesive won’t cure as quickly as applying to natural lashes, you have the time to work on getting this right!
  • Try to create a very even top-line along the tips of your lash fans. This exercise will help you gain the control you need to place lashes EXACTLY where you want them on naturals when the time comes, ensuring your lash sets come out looking neater than ever.
  • Repeat this challenge every day throughout this week. Then, post your best section of sponge art - Perfect Placement Addition - on Instagram feed post & tag @lashboxla_australia using the unique hashtag #lblalevelupau !
  • We are so excited for you & can't wait to see what you can produce & at the end of this weeks challenge we will be issuing unique discount code to each entry to be used for future online store purchases. 


Week 1 - Practice Run - CHALLENGE COMPLETE!


What you will need: a few sponges, your favourite volume tweezer, adhesive, volume/mega volume lashes.

  • Apply 4 rows of 13 symmetrical/ balanced fans in a perfect line with even spacing on a sponge – for a total of 52 fans! (See the photo for an example!) Volume fans must be symmetric and Mega fans must be balanced. 
  • Your sponge must showcase proper fans, direction, placement, glue control, and uniformity!
  • Repeat this task everyday this week on a new sponge or as many times as it will take you to perfect Task 1.
  • Turn in a clear close-up photo submission of your BEST volume placement sponge. 

Post your photo on Instagram by 10:00pm AEST on Sunday, April 26th and be sure to tag @lashboxla_australia with the hashtag #lblalevelupAU.