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Ready to Wear Spike Lashes


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Ready To Use Spike lashes are your perfect wispy and strip lash look solution, instantly adding character to a set that makes them stand out from the crowd. Whether you are interested in a wet lash look or just want to add some spikes for dimension and playfulness, we'll take care of the guess work for you with 0.07mm 5D unfanned lash spikes.  Creating those peaks has never been easier with unfanned spikes that won't fray or fall apart and keep a pointed tip.  Easy to pick up, place, and work with similar to a classic flat lash. 

Wispy/textured looks are always a favorite so go on and see what type of wispy magic you can create with Ready To Use Spikes!

How to Use:

Pick up and place 1 Ready To Use Spike and attach to the natural like a Classic Lash. Distribute spikes evenly along the lash line on top layer lashes at least 2-3mm longer than the rest of the set for texture for days! 

Our highest quality synthetic lashes are always cruelty free.