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The LBLA Adhesive Kit features our 2 best selling adhesives and not to mention they're our favourites!

Good lash technicians always have at least 2 different adhesives at their lash station for when your room or weather condition become unpredictable, after all its the environment & it can change. Not to worry we've got you covered! 

Your glue may loose its ideal bonding properties when room conditions shifts but our Adhesive kit provides you with options for dryer days & increased humidity so you get to have NO MORE BAD DAY GLUE!

This is an amazing kit for first time buyers to try out and pick their favourite glue for a great deal. Both glues in the kit are recommended for Advanced Volume and Mega Volume technicians who work at a very fast pace.

Superhero - 0.5-1 second cure time - works best in humidity range of 25%-45% with a controlled temperature of  18-22°C
Everlasting - 1-2 second cure time -works best at a humidity range of 40-70%, and a controlled temperature of 17-22°C.

For More info on each adhesive working conditions visit the listing page.

SHIPPING NOTE : During the summer months Shipping via Express Post is recommenced. This will ensure the fastest possible delivery time for your adhesive, limiting it from environmental heat exposure. 

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MSDS or SDS -       Safety Data Sheet Download link 

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