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Everything you need in one place to start Lacing It Up! 

Lace it Up - Seamless Lash System
* DISCLAIMER - NOT TO BE APPLIED WITH PROFESSIONAL LASH ADHESIVE - These lace up lashes are a retail makeup item for semi-permanent lash wear. Can only be applied with "Precision Duo Bond adhesive" or "Precision Bond adhesive"


If it's your first time with our sexy little secret, this kit is a must to get the most out of application and extra long-wear. Lace It Up Lashes and tools work as a system to bring you the fluffiest, fullest look you can get with under-lash application for DIY lash extensions at home.  It includes two different lash curls in either Short, Medium, or Long so that you can find your favorite effect - to be used alone or mixed for extra texture.  Their soft cotton-covered band ensures that you don't even feel them during wear, and provide a multi-layer texture for the look of professional lash extensions!  Our superior Duo glue applies like a mascara for you to attach these lashes where they will be most comfortable and least noticeable - under your lash line.  The no-nonsense applicator has the perfect curve to follow the shape of your eyelid and is comfortable to use with an easy-squeeze grip that bonds your lashes together in seconds.  

Lashes that last for days with a bandless look that rival real extensions? Don't worry, we won't tell - it can be your secret now, too!

All Kits include: 
- Lash Applicator 
- Precision Bond Duo Lash Adhesive

Short Kit Includes:
- 1 C 8-10-12
- 1 D 8-10-12

Medium Kit Includes:
- 1 C 10-12-14
- 1 D 10-12-14

Long Kit Includes:
- 1 C 12-14-16
- 1 D 12-14-16


Step 1 / begin

Begin with fresh, clean lashes. Apply one coat of the Lash Bonder under your top lashes as you would apply mascara, focusing on the base of the lashes not to swipe all the way tot he tip of your natural lashes. Using your Lash Applicator, pick up one Lace it Up segment.

Step 2 / apply

Apply by placing it on the underside of your eyelashes. Work your way across your lashes, making sure to keep each segment just above your waterline. Do your best to keep them aligned so there are no gaps between each cluster.  For a fuller, more dramatic lash line, apply a second layer of lashes to the top of the lash line, sandwiching your natural lashes between two layers of Lace It Up segments. Before applying the second layer, apply a thin layer of clear adhesive to the bottom of the lash segment for extra staying power.

Step 3 / clamp

When your lashes are placed to perfection, gently but firmly clamp your eyelashes and segments together, holding for a few seconds in each area to set your look.  You can do this with our Strip lash applicator designed for comfort and ease when applying Lace It Up Lashes. 


To remove lashes, gently pull the band of each lash segment away from your natural lashes with your fingertips or applicator. If it doesn’t easily detach, add micellar waterproof makeup remover to a cotton swab and gently swipe from the base of the lashes to the tips to loosen the adhesive and lashes. To remove additional residue, use a lint-free pad with a small amount of micellar water and gently swipe along the lash line. Lashes may be reused multiple times with proper care.


Kit Recommended retail price $179.00 

If sold individually retail values below 

Lace it up lash trays RRP $55 each (Kit includes x 2 total $110)

Lash Applicator RRP $44 each 

Precision Bond Duo Adhesive RRP $56 each 

Total Retail value of each kit is  $210.00