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Wonderfully cushiony and customisable to any client’s eye shape, Medical Foam / Micro Foam Tape is a perfect for isolating bottom lashes and keeping them safely out of the way during lash application at 0.25c per use this is the most affordable lower lash tape on the market. 

Safe for both skin and lashes, especially for clients with sensitivity to collagen and gel pads – this tape is cloud-soft and also ideal for use on the eyelid to lift the top lashes and provide a secure cushion for your tweezers to rest on.

Micro foam tape advantages, Latex free, hypoallergenic, elastic - stretches in all directions. 

Instructions for use:

Simply cut a piece of the tape to the width and shape required for your client, using sharp scissors to ensure smooth edges. Before applying to the clients eye, de tack the sticky from the tape on your clients skin (the back of her clean hand or forehead), do this a few times to reduce the ‘stickiness’ of the tape so it can be gently removed from her under eye upon completion of your treatment. 

Tape width  - 5cm x 3 mtr long 
at 1.5cm per eye - is 100 clients per roll is $0.25c per client 
Visit Instagram @LashboxLA_Australia to view a story highlight on how to prepare your medical foam tape in advance and a cost per client costing is $0.25c per client per use.
 💕 3M micro foam tape