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Practice sheet: Volume technique styling
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Don't put your dreams on hold, we have opened our archives to deliver creative lash art practice sheets, normally exclusively available for LBLA students & graduates now available to you. 

During this time of need we are offering these practice sheets designed to inspire your creativity & fuel your burning desire to advance your lash artistry. 

We would like you to have every opportunity during this "government mandated self development time" to perfect your application & fan art. So that when your back to work you can deliver your very best to your loving clients, who we know miss you already, we also know they wont live lash-less for long. 

Try exploring different volume techniques, or play with coloured lashes, or craft examples of volume density to show your future clients different styling options to achieve different looks.  

Either way get creative, advance your skills!  

Our 3 pack is buy 2 get one free!