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Easy Tips for Tweezer Hygiene, How to Sterilise Your Tweezers for Sanitary Lashing. By @lashbox.brig

We all know that it’s important to sanitize our tools… and if we don’t, we do now (and there are no excuses from here on out)! Knowing they need to be sanitized and knowing the best way to go about it may be two different things.

Eyelash extension tweezers (aside from some pretty hefty boot tweezers) are very precise, delicate tools that need to be cared for in a particular way in order to best protect your investment. The How To’s and How Not To’s are pretty clear here, so let’s go over them together!

What not to do

We don’t ever want to place our tweezers tip-down in any kind of receptacle or sanitizing solution. This is because the tweezers we use are so precise that even if we place them very carefully tip-side-down on a regular basis, the tip will start to warp or bend enough to change the way it grips eyelashes after a short period of time. Now, imagine being in a rush and not thinking about being super-careful, and just plunking your tweezers down. OUCH! Those babies are going to be out of commission in a hurry. You want to avoid the kind of Barbicide containers cosmetologists use for combs because whether the tweezers are point down (bad for tweezers) or point up (bad for the safety of your hands and fingers), someone is going to get hurt. Also, avoid micro or glass bead sterilizers as the tip of the tweezers would need to be down, and damage to your precious volume or mega volume tweezers would be an extreme risk every time you sterilize them.

So what should you do?

Our solution to sanitizing is easy! Use a nail sterilization box and medical grade sanitizer of your choice. We suggest looking up state and federal recommendations for the safest and most up-to-date regulations, then follow manufacturer guidelines for use. Last but not least, try desperately not to drop them! Most volume tweezers are created with a somewhat flexible and very fine tip. Dropping those babies on the floor from any distance can mean the end of that tool forever.

Take great care of your tools and they will help you take great care of your lash clients!

Big Love, Stay focused and extra sparkly ✨