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The Reward of Guilt-Free Lashing by Lydia Dominick

I'm watching this freedom happen all over the place. It’s this incredible feeling artists find when they know they’ve done their job right & they’ve used the right products.

I think life can get really complicated; balancing our personal lives, the lives of our clients (because let’s be honest, we often times carry their burdens like they’re our own 😅😭) and balancing our work life- all of this gets tricky to juggle. But this topic isn’t talked about much and I think it should be. When we realize we’re not alone & we’re not crazy that’s when the power of being around like-minded people really has weight. There is often a lot of guilt in lashing & we need to kiss it goodbye. 


the fact of having committed a specified or implied offense or crime.

Look how intense the meaning of this word is do you see how many of us carry it? Those thoughts you have when your client walks out the door but you get a text from her five hours later, you’re thinking ...

“Please just be a cute selfie and not a complaint that she lost 6 fans already! 🙏🏼🤞🏼”

It’s those fears that we have as artists that are all-consuming - but they don’t have to be. When we really understand the products we’re working with, that’s when we can use them to the best of their working ability. We at LBLA are constantly learning, taking classes, testing products; we’re always learning how to help our artists continue to improve be even better than you already are. If you’ve taken a LashBox LA class, first of all, thank you! Thanks for trusting us, I hope you learned a lot and felt important because you are. If you haven’t taken a class, and your lash life is ready for Volume and Mega Volume, we would love to meet you and tell you all these things in person plus so much more. 

Understanding the chemistry of the products we work with is important because it’s often the •unseen• things in lashing that make the biggest difference. Like what? The placement of a fan on the natural lash, wrapping bases, humidity & temperature of your environment - these things affect retention in a bigger way than we realize. When these things are done well, the rest falls into place.

I mentioned coming to a class because I know we can help you understand some of these things better. What exactly are the ingredients in the adhesive? Why does humidity matter? Wrapping what? Formaldehyde? Every artist, from beginners to advanced, will learn to care about these things because then comes happy clients and until then comes stressed out artists.

My goal, and our goal as a company is to help pull out all the stops; to make you the best technical artist you can be so you can do the REAL work of a lash artist:  making your clients feel so beautiful that they can accomplish anything. Less guilt more love.

In order to accomplish all of these things, we have to choose to GROW. As in any type of growth, discipline is required. Remember when you were younger and there were consequences to things that were enforced by your parents? Possibly the fear of that was what kept us in line then, but as adults running our own businesses we need to implement those on disciplines ourselves. When we... work harder or keep our stations cleaner ... when we drink more water or go to the gym like we know we should … when we serve our clients well and always do our best for them ... That’s when daily life changes because we have implemented disciplines all by ourselves. It takes 30 days to replace a bad habit with a new one. Let’s start today. I’m right along side you.

Always yours,