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Lash Box LA Training, Learn more than MEGA VOLUME

It’s unfortunate that we have to call them trainings because that’s such an understatement based on what you’ll experience. Actually describing a day at LBLA training would be best done by experiencing it (but of course I would say that. I’m the education director 😂). My point is that I’m not bragging; I’m warning you. Your life will change. Our main goal is to meet you, to learn about your life. Is your lashing is taking over your personal life? We’d like to shift that. Do you have beautiful kids you’re not seeing as much as you wish you were? Are you working on building a client base? Have you grown to your full potential? What’s next? How to manage employees? (Is this question format annoying you yet?) 🤪 


All of these things are important to us. With the new skill you’re about to learn and the ongoing support you’ll receive; buckle up. •••Hope & a community of strength can change everything.••• You’re about to be LBLA family! I understand that family can be complicated lol, but the kind I’m talking about is kind, informative and will always stand for you.


We appreciate you reading this blog, following us on Instagram and especially joining our family. After all - we think there’s nothing better. I’ve asked our lead & master trainer who is based in LA at our Mothership location to write alongside me today. Tress’s and my words interlock (as they usually do) and this is the kind of team I’m looking to build. There’s POWER in being around like-minded people and we are both living proof. The caliber of person you will be trained by has been carefully chosen, and as iron sharpens iron, we’re continuing to become the best leaders we can be. As a brand, we lead with love because all things flow from that. We believe in watching you BLOOM, and we’re confident you can grow from whatever place you’re in. From experience we know how hard it can be to balance lashing, running a business, attempting to raise good people, buying groceries, cooking said groceries, taking the dog to the vet, drinking water and recycling. Now do it all with a smile and look cute and post on Instagram. 🤣🥺🥰 The bottom line is that we all make choices out of either love, or fear. We choose love & we hope you do too. Fear will stop you from growing, from taking risks & from healing from past pains. We believe you can grow your skill, your business to care for your family in a way you never thought possible.

We’re here for you. All of us. We know the struggles you go through because we’re still lashing. We’re still sitting in the same chair you are. If you feel like you’re struggling, join us. We’d love to have you.

We all know Lashbox LA is different, after all, that's why you are here!  But we wanted to take a moment and tell you what is different about our trainings, specifically, and what our trainings are going to continue to look like now and in the future.


One of the most important things that sets us apart from other trainings in the industry is the sheer amount of LOVE we bring to the table. Our trainers not only love what they do so much that they want to share it with the world, but they love each and every one of you, before you even sign up to take a class. We love the students, the technical details, and the reason behind the lashes we do and how we do them. In fact, Lashbox LA was built on the genuine love and passion for lashes by our founders. Because of that, each of our trainers have a unique story about how the love of the lash industry (and LBLA) has changed their lives, and we want you to have a story of your own, too.

So what happens when you come to a Lashbox LA training? A training day with LBLA starts with introductions and getting to know each other. We want our students to not only be able to connect with our trainers on a personal level, but with each other, too! Community over competition is a major value at LBLA and we want to help encourage you to build that community and make connections where you can. We know that it can be difficult to find other lash artists in your area to connect with, so starting the day making connections with others in your industry is so valuable.  After getting to know each other we spend about an hour and a half to two hours on the theory behind what we do and how we do it. This is priceless information and we make sure to send you home with even more information in your manual than we are able to cover in class!  We'll go over some basics and then head in depth with numbers and weights, procedures and techniques, and real-life scenarios that each of us are sure to encounter in our careers.

After that the rest of the day is spent with hands-on, one on one training time with each student, working on technique and fan making. We take a brief break for lunch and head into the afternoon with a hands-on demo on a live model to work on real-life scenarios and up close and personal fan placement and wrapping.  We continue to work one on one with you throughout the rest of the day while you work on your models. When we know everyone is on the right track with applying lashes and starting to perfect your fans, our lead trainer spends time with each individual student giving personalized pricing, marketing, and business coaching.

The day is wrapped up by our trainers sitting down with each of the students in class and going through their lash set, fan by fan, to give you feedback on your progress and let you know exactly what to practice when you go home.  We tell our students that it takes about 100 hours (yes, One Hundred Hours!) of practice with this technique to feel like you’ve really got it and are ready to offer Flower Bouquet mega volume lashes to your clientele.  The feedback you will get after we sit and go through your lash sets, fan by fan, will be imperative for you to follow when you go home and practice.  Our goal is to help you succeed and bring your career to the next level in every way, and this doesn’t happen over night.  Heading home from trainings with the right tools you need to continue to perfect your craft will help you just as much as the training itself did in the first place. 

As we continue to grow, we will inevitably be adding additional dates and types of trainings onto the mega volume group trainings and private trainings at our headquarters that we already offer.  I can tell you this:  each training you come to from Lashbox LA will continue to follow the same standards of excellence, the same encouragement and love, and the same spirit that we conduct each and every one with today.  If you have trained with us in the past, thank you.  You are important to us and we love you, and we hope to see you at more advanced trainings in the future! 

If you have yet to train with us, we are so excited to meet you and help drive your career, motivation, and skillset forward.  Until then, keep doing your best, love your clients well, and we’ll see you soon.


Love Always. (Lashes. Always.)

Lyd & Tress