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Innovation and the Growth of the Lash Industry (or, the pre-made fan discussion 😉) By @Tress.lashboxla

The eyelash extension industry has advanced so much in the last several years, and where would we be without that advancement? Still picking up loose lashes from little pots and plunking heavy 0.25 diameter lashes on naturals with an 8-second adhesive dry time. That’s where. Volume lashes? Mega Volume lashes? They wouldn’t even be a concept. Multiple kinds of pickup and fan-making techniques so everyone can find something that works? Only in our dreams. Due to the nature of invention, rules change, ideas occur, products get updated and better day by day. There are now resources available to us that we never imagined, and the industry still continues to grow. The quote that comes to mind for me is this: “If we worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true really is true, then there would be little hope for advance.”- Orville and Wilbur Wright. Several years ago it was true that pre-made fans were the worst. They were heavy, chunky, and picked up even more weight from the adhesive before applying it to the natural lash. Several years ago we didn’t even have the option of fully customizable lashes like our new easy-fanning Smart Fan lashes, or our Y-shaped Strip Lash Volume lashes. These inventions create both unique looks AND make it easier for new or part-time lash artists to provide results like they wouldn’t otherwise be able to. Even pre-made fans have advanced to the point that they won’t cause any damage at all when the right kind are used and applied properly. Let’s break it down a little.

We are here to make your life easier

Our Smart Fan lashes have been arranged in a way on the strip that they make a fan immediately when you pick them up with a tweezer. If you have been in this industry for more than a few minutes, this is MINDBLOWING. So many of us have worked for years on perfecting our Russian volume and volume techniques - so why would a company that is so into advanced education create and carry such a thing? The answer is simple. We are here to make your life easier. Smart Fan lashes are incredible for those artists who struggle just to make and pick up a fan or for those that are beginners and want to be able to provide voluminous looking lashes to their clients. They are SO easy to make!... but they don’t actually replace hand-made Russian volume and mega volume lash fans. When creating Smart Fans the base of the fan will never get perfectly pointy, or be able to wrap the natural lash. This doesn’t mean they are bad or that you will have terrible retention. Think about classic and flat lashes. If you can get those to have great retention, you can get these lashes to have great retention too, because they attach like a classic flat lash. Hooray! (Hint, they can also work great for an express set in a pinch for an advanced artist!)

Advancement and Innovation

In a similar way, our Y-shaped Strip Lash Volume lashes are specially created - without extra adhesive - to be a perfect Y-shaped 4D lash. They are the exact same weight as applying a hand-made 4D 0.07 lash, and attach to the natural like a flat lash, or a hand-made, pre-made fan. They create such a beautiful, unique shape in the lashes, and come out looking like a strip lash. HOW AMAZING?! It’s this kind of advancement and innovation that is going to keep moving our industry forward, instead of keeping it where it stands now.

This brings us to pre-made lash fans.

You bet - we really did teach that pre-made fans are unacceptable, but we don’t have to anymore! What we DO need to teach you is that you have to be incredibly careful and discerning about which pre-made fans you purchase. Some are very heavy due to excess adhesive and poor construction. Some are beautifully made, lightweight, and attach to the natural like a classic or flat lash. Will you get the same retention as being able to wrap the natural lash with the base of the fan? No. But for some, that isn’t necessary. We like to think of high-quality pre-made lashes like this: They are great for lash artists who want to be extra-fast and aren’t worried about the wrapping and extra cost associated with purchasing trays of pre-mades. They work when you are on the go, too - if you are doing lashes when traveling or on the run with your besties, you are covered. Whip out those pre-mades and get to lashing. If you want that PERFECT looking lash set for photos, you won’t have to think about making sure the fans are all the same width, they are already symmetrical. And of course, they are great for beginners who haven’t taken their volume classes yet or are still working on perfecting the technique to use on clients. Sometimes it really does come down to a natural skill set, too. Some individuals can have a hard time creating fans no matter their education level, and we want to be there for them as well. Whatever your reason, we think we can agree on one thing: Innovative lashes are here to stay, and we want to help pave the way. Nothing will ever take the place of lash fans that are made on-the-spot with your client in front of you. This is a skill level and goal that every lash artist should strive to attain. But in the meantime, we are excited to be part of an ever-growing industry, and will continue to educate and navigate you through it as we all grow together.

With Love & Lashes,