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The Life and Death of a Tweezer. By Lydia Dominick @lashboxlyd

As a lash artist, our tweezers are sometimes far too important to us. It’s the only tool we need and we need it to work for eight hours a day, five days a week and if it doesn’t, we are “up a creek.”

Why should you have several tweezers?

The life and death of a tweezer is a very impactful and sometimes short-lived experience.  Because of this, it’s important to have several on hand. Not only because we need to sanitize them and make sure that we are using all clean tools on every client, but because sometimes tweezers can phase out or (heaven forbid) get dropped. We’ve all done it and it is the worst.  You know that feeling when your heart drops and now you feel lost and alone in a very dark place.

These are the times that it is important to have other tools at your disposal.

Caring for our tools will help us ensure that we can use them for a very long time.

Tweezers are not cheap and finding the right tool sometimes feels like finding the right partner. Some of us are pickier than others, but in the end …

There's someone for everyone!

It already may feel difficult to find just one “right fit” tweezer, and now you’re supposed to find four? YUP.  Always having perfect tweezers on hand can save your day when you didn’t expect to need to be saved. It feels like tweezer insurance (Note to self: look into tweezer insurance).

One thing I have realised my students sometimes struggle with is understanding that sometimes tweezers die of old age. That’s right. Old age. Especially if you haven’t been caring for them like you should be. Fan making tweezers should only be used to … make fans! When we are opening trays with our tweezers or removing lashes with them, it can absolutely change the shape of that tweezer. If we get glue on them we need to remove it with just our fingernail and nothing more abrasive than that. Storing tweezers together absolutely changes the shape of them and nail files and sandpaper are meant for other industries.

Adding these few changes could save your day on a day that counts.

Happy Lashing loves, don’t drop that tweezer!

Much Love,