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When your lash clients go elsewhere.

If you’re a sensitive person by nature like myself, when a client goes to a different artist it’s easy to take it personally! Client relationships are special, it’s different than a friendship but I would argue it’s equally as sacred. These people are trusting you with their money, their eyeballs, their time, their appearance and most of the time their personal stories.

So when a client disappears from your schedule it can be a gut punch. “What did I do wrong!?” you might ask yourself over and over.

The reality is, you’re not for everyone. *GASP!* and that is completely FINE.

Check in with yourself first, are you polite, accommodating, professional, easy to talk to and willing to provide your clients with the highest quality service you possibly can? That’s amazing. You will still not be for everyone!

There are many reasons why clients may go elsewhere! Budget is the biggest one, you can’t accommodate everyone’s budget as much as you desperately want to. You know how much you’ve invested into your education, your business, your products, taxes, advertising and most importantly, your time. It’s time to charge what you are worth and you will lose a few clients in the process, but eventually you will gain new clients who are happy to pay for your valuable services. Remember, someone’s budget does not determine your value. There is an artist for everyone!

Scheduling may be harder for certain people! Some clients want lashes and need an artist that can get them in within 24 hours notice, or even a walk in. Booking weeks in advance may not align with their lifestyle and you can’t bend over backwards for everyone. In addition, distance could play a factor- some clients leave your books to see an artist that works closer to them!

Finally, it could simply be personality. You can be everything and more for your clients and there are always going to be people that just click better with another artist! Trust yourself enough to not take it personally and move on with grace and professionalism. You will be adored and valued by the right people, and those are YOUR clients♥️

There are clients that come into your life for one appointment or two appointments and there are people who will be on your bed, right on time, every two weeks for life. Although it’s impossible to keep every client you’ve ever seen, cherish the ones that stick with you no matter what. Treat those ladies like queens and never take your clients for granted!

It is such a gift to do what we do and pour into people’s lives the way we can.

Keep your head up babes!