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How to Get the Most Out of Your Isolation Tweezers. By @tress.lashboxla

Everyone knows what their isolation tweezer is for, but do you know how to use them to your biggest benefit? And why is it so important that we talk about it all the time? At Lashbox we will always encourage you to pay attention to the smallest of things, including how to use your isolation tweezer to the best of your ability. Every detail counts when it comes to applying eyelash extensions, and you can produce much better results with both application and retention when you make sure your isolation is on point.

The cornerstone of a perfect lash set is isolating eyelashes. This creates a set that is both beautiful and functional for your client, feels comfortable and easy to wear, and keeps natural lashes healthy and strong. If you isolate properly, your attachment to the natural eyelash is going to be so much better and will greatly improve retention. When you only have one natural lash attached to a fan or classic extension, the set will be comfortable to wear. However, if you have multiple lashes attached to an eyelash extension, the lashes will grow at different rates and either pull lashes out prematurely, or become painful because they are keeping lashes from being able to grow in properly. Not only that, but when your client tries to brush them after a few weeks, the spoolie will get stuck in the lashes and they’ll be unable to groom them. We want to avoid that completely! Isolating properly is 70% of keeping natural lashes healthy - so make it your highest priority.

Are you wondering how to use our tweezers to the best of your ability? Proper grip, isolate with two tweezers, and practice getting creative with them. The right grip for your isolation tweezers is whatever one lets you move them around the most and be able to change the angle you are isolating from. We find that holding them like a pen can be the most versatile way to go. If you are only isolating from the top of the lash line, you may be letting the base of the natural lashes continue to touch each other or have a hard time getting them to separate properly. Try using your application tweezer to lift and separate lashes to get clean, wide isolation, and only then apply the eyelash extension. You can even go in at a 45 degree angle to the lashes instead of 90 degrees to the eyelid.

When it comes down to it, whatever will get you the best, most perfect isolation of the natural lash all the way down to the base is what we want to see. Do you have a phenomenal isolation tip you want to share with your fellow lash artists? Comment below! We’d love to hear it and help spread the word (and lashes)!

With Love & Lashes,