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Simple Tips to Build Better Relationships with your Eyelash Extension Clients. By Lydia Dominick @lashboxlyd

I absolutely love my clients. Some of them were even at my wedding. These people become a part of our lives and I love that so much about lashing! I know that lashing silently is some of the best lashing that ever happens, but building relationships also has staying power.

Educate your client

I think the best way to have a happy client who keeps coming back is to make sure that they know exactly what is happening and to educate them on everything that has to do with the service they are receiving. Building an understanding between artist and client will keep an open line of communication at all times. If a fill goes wrong or there is a retention issue, that client is far more likely to come back and talk it through if you have put in the work by investing in them. I think this applies to all relationships in our lives… we really can work through anything if we just communicate well.

Explaining and sharing the knowledge that you have is so important, I have even had medical professionals come to me who do not know that their lashes shed. Maybe it’s just not something that we talked about in school? Or our moms didn’t tell us? So that means that it is our job as lash artists to explain to our clients exactly how the human body works and what the shedding process looks like. I usually say that our lashes are either baby lashes, or they are in growth mode, or they’re as long as they can get before they shed and then that cycle repeats itself. However you would like to explain it, let them know that this is how the human body works so they don’t think that your work is causing their lashes to fall out. Education is number one.

Allergy Risks

Another important tip is talking to your clients about the possibility of allergies. It is so important that we educate them from inside of the lashing world because the medical world doesn’t always know how to receive an allergy to lash adhesive. Your clients should be signing a waiver explaining that they fully understand potential reactions and risks and that they are taking responsibility for proper after-care as well. Signing that paper is a physical representation of the agreement you and your client have. It definitely requires teamwork to have healthy, happy lashes.

An ideal time to educate your client is during their service. It’s better when you are doing most of the talking anyways because their face won’t be moving while they tell you a story. It’s not like they can go anywhere, you might as well share what you know!


Much love,