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Learn how to revive & thicken lashes back to their healthy state

Attention lash and brow world, I have a PSA and it’s going to change your life! Lashbox LA just came out with Keratin Lash Booster and let me tell you, it is heaven-sent. (Initially launched under the name Keratin Botox, we feel Keratin Lash Booster is a better name and reference for this item) 

It’s 2021, and word on the street is that some clients are shifting back and rocking the “no makeup” makeup look and starting to embrace and enhance their natural features. Full, bushy brows are the new it thing and Brow Lamination is becoming one of the hottest services in the beauty industry! With that being said, with every service comes to a set aftercare treatment with reliable, high-quality products! Now, you wouldn’t get your hair professionally coloured and continue using a regular schmegular shampoo and conditioner right? You would use hair products that are tailor-made for your hair colour, type, and texture to keep it looking fresh and healthy as long as possible! Same with lash extensions; you wouldn’t get lash extensions and totally disregard an aftercare routine; otherwise, you’ll have poor retention issues or even blepharitis if you’re not on top of it! It’s time to take care of your investments! You worked hard for it, honey!

Okay, but what exactly is Keratin Lash Booster?

Keratin Lash Booster is a rich conditioning treatment for your natural eyelashes and brows to enhance the hair’s resilience and strength! It is not to be used with lash extensions. The hydrolyzed keratin along with Argan oil, proteins, and vitamins in Keratin Botox fill in the rigid areas of the natural eyelashes, which will instantly smooth out, revive and condition the lashes and brows!

Think of it like this. It’s the same concept as using a deep conditioning hair mask a couple of times a week and with consistent use, your hair should look healthier and defined!

My 2 cents

In the few months, I didn’t wear extensions because of the lockdown, I put Keratin Botox to the test, and wow, what a difference it had made on my lashes and brows! My natural lashes looked like a 0.12 for reference and this treatment made it seem like it was a 0.15 mm, if we’re talking lash terms! After leaving it on for 5 minutes, my eyelashes looked instantly fuller, shinier, and condition! Since my lash results were so amazing, I wanted to know how it would compare to my brow hairs! Again, the colour of my brow hairs is similar to my eyelashes; a bit transparent and the texture is already quite thin. Luckily, my brow lamination appointment came at the right time so this was very exciting! Castor Oil is typically recommended to use as aftercare, but I found that it left an oily film over the top of the brows making it easily transferrable to other areas of the face. It coated the hairs, but not quite conditioned in the long run.

If you thought getting a brow lamination will give you an extra WOW of fullness, wait until you add in the Keratin Lash Booster. With the treatment, my brow hairs look instantly fuller, healthier, and nourished to the touch. Say goodbye to brittle brows!

Who can benefit from using Keratin Lash Booster?

Both beauty professionals and clients can use this baby!

As a professional, you can most definitely use Keratin Lash Booster as an add-on service to your menu. If you are doing a lash lift, you would want to incorporate this step after you’ve finished the service, not before you start the lash lift treatment.

If your client has lash extensions on, Keratin Lash Booster can be applied on their brows as an add-on service right after you have finished their lash set! Because we all know, love, and use LBLA Bond, use that 2-5 minute waiting period to apply Keratin Botox on the brows, then wipe off before applying Bond to the lashes!

***Pro-Tip: After applying Keratin Lash Booster on the brows, cover with plastic wrap to preserve the moisture. Wait 5 minutes, then wipe off.

We now carry Keratin Lash Booster in a retail set so this is a great way to introduce an aftercare system for your Lash Lift/ Brow Lamination clients! They will thank you for it!

The best time to apply it as a client is any time of the day, really, but my favourite time to apply it is during a bath while I’m in complete zen mode! If you think your lashes/brow hairs need a little more TLC, it won’t hurt to wear it overnight. Another option is to let it sit for a couple of minutes, then wipe off with a tissue right before you begin your makeup routine!

I love Keratin Lash Booster and I really hope you and your clients do give it a try! You will love it!

Let’s all stay hydrated and healthy, babes- both internally and externally!

Much love,