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Mega Volume: Density without Damage

FACT: Mega Volume does not equal Mega Damage.

The opposite is actually true. With correct isolation and placement, mega volume lashes using 0.03 lashes, actually help promote healthier lashes than classics! Not only that, a single mega volume fan weighs approximately the same amount as a classic lash! Added to the fact that only 1-2mm of ultra-soft, super flexible 0.03 lashes attach to the natural to let it move and grow naturally, is a match made in heaven! Let’s start with the math, then move on to some important details.

Mega Volume Lashes AUSTRALIA - 0.03 density without damage LBLA BLOG

LBLA completed a study weighing each diameter of lash ranging between .20 classic lashes and 0.03 mega volume lashes. Every time a lash extension was weighed we dipped it in adhesive, just like you would a classic lash (that’s a lot of glue). The measurements consistently came out showing that fifteen 0.03 lashes, dipped in adhesive like a classic lash, weighs almost the same amount of one .20 lash also dipped in adhesive. When we take into consideration that there is no way we would use, or need to use, that much glue to make and apply a fan, we can see that 15 lashes (with just 1 - 2mm of adhesive used at the end of the fan) will weigh significantly less than a single classic lash. Making the attachment point smaller and therefore more flexible than a classic lash on a natural. As if that isn’t enough, recent studies have shown, based on lash weight alone, that anywhere from 28 to 50 (50?!) 0.03 lashes, depending on how they taper at the tip, weigh about the same amount as a single classic lash. Now, that is without the added weight of adhesive, and I’ll be honest, 40-50D fans would be unacceptable at that point, trust me on this. But when we say we can easily create 15D fans that are safe for a natural lash, we are actually being conservative! THAT is some pretty great news.

Mega volume lash extensions aren’t just safe for the natural lash, they are actually healthier than classic lashes on so many levels. Where classic lashes can be rigid and tough with too much glue, mega volume lashes are soft, flexible, and only attached to a small portion of the lash. This means that eyelashes can move more like they do naturally, and will stay put longer than lashes that are constantly being tugged or pulled on when fully adhered to classic lashes. Wearing properly applied mega volume lashes actually feel lighter and so much softer than classic lash extensions, so perfect application is a must.

At LBLA we always teach our students to isolate the natural lash first. This isn’t only because our adhesives dry really quickly, either. This is because we are going to select a custom amount of lashes for each individual natural lash! If we have a smaller or weaker natural, we’ll choose to place a much smaller dimension of fan on it, ensuring it can grow unhindered from extra weight. We also NEVER need to lash baby lashes when doing mega volume sets, so let them live their best life! As our Global Education Director, Lydia, likes to put it, “When using classics, you would even lash a fuzz if it meant a fuller lash line.” ...that gives me some serious feels about what those poor baby lashes are going through on a regular basis! Mega volume fans that sit on healthy, strong natural lashes cover so much of the lash line that we can leave anagen lashes completely alone to grow in healthy and strong. Don’t worry, we’ll get’em next time! This all means that we get to keep our client’s lashes in great shape throughout their eyelash extension wearing life, and isn’t that such a beautiful thing?

With Love and Lashes,